Power of Voice

The tone of voice behind your business extends past the spoken word to the written. It informs, embodies, and expresses your brand’s personality – including your website, social media messaging, emails and packaging. The voice of your company is the life you get to breathe into the client work you do. Most importantly, it tells the stories well of the people that make up the brand.


Once we decide we’re a fit – the fun starts with a brain dump of all the things you are, where you want to be, and who you’re hoping to attract. If this were a first date – it’d be an epic game of 21 questions and then some! Our clients are sharp, collaborative, and an engaged part of the process. You’re the expert of your vision and we’re the experts that bring it to life through social media, blog posts, copywriting, email marketing, internal and external messaging, visual branding, and photography.  

Our clients

Our clients are entrepreneurs and established business owners who know they have a bold story to tell and need to bring that to life through marketing but don’t have the bandwidth or means to bring on a full time marketing team. They often struggle finding their voice amidst all their great ideas which is where Oh Yes fill in the gaps. We create a marketing campaign that cohesively expresses your goals to reach your ideal client. Sometimes that happens through video and other times that happens via content writing, social media management and other digital marketing campaigns.


We offer short term campaigns but most often, our clients prefer our guidance and support on an ongoing basis. We become a part of your culture and are interested in what interests you. We’re experts at identifying what makes your story unique and polishing it up to make sure it shines. Our relationship with our clients are more than a coaching call or business transaction. We become one of your trusted advisors.