The Evolution of Oh Yes Communications

Now – several years into entrepreneurship – I meet a handful of people on a week to week basis wanting to know the secret to running a business, how to get the courage, or what exact metrics it’ll take to make the leap. If only bravery and timing were the qualifiers required. But if your story is anything like mine, sometimes it’s as anti-climactic as being out of a job. That’s exactly how Oh Yes was born.

In my early days, I climbed the ladder of a government contracting agency in the span of a few years, but often, I felt the void of “there has to be more” at the end of each day. Before that, I was a producer for a DC-based video production company that had little opportunity for growth; then I was an advertising account manager for an agency that I left willingly when the owner insisted on transitioning me to the Sales team because I was “good with the people.”

Me? A salesperson? Never! Funny how these things work out.

If we rewind the tape to decades earlier though, the story of Oh Yes was written long before it ever came to be. My father was a producer, an anchor, a dreamer, an encourager, and a business owner. From White House Correspondent, Voice of America Anchor, World Cup Reporter, and small business owner – I have vivid memories of being a little girl on the White House lawn holding a boom mic as he reported internationally while doing my best to memorize cue cards. I also have memories of me answering the phones while sitting in his K-Street office. It’s reminder today – as a mother in my 30s –  that more is caught than taught. My dad continues to inspire me and is a daily reminder of the legacy we leave behind. His spirit and love of people live on in the work we do through Oh Yes after all these years.

But back to the floundering of my 9-to-5 life and before Oh Yes really took off! In the early days, I had one option: use what was in my hand. I say that figuratively but the point is, “what did I know”? I knew writing, and I knew video production. I look back with fondness to the day when Oh Yes Communications began with one blog management client on the smallest retainer you’ve ever known and eventually, landing a larger video retainer client that gave me the opportunity to, finally, go full-time.

Now in our sixth year, things look way different, and praise God for that! Oh Yes is a full-service branding agency with a dynamic team and clients we adore and admire. Our team is the best at what they do, and our culture is one of unparalleled client experience. You won’t find a cookie-cutter approach here because we believe each business has its own story to tell. Customization, paired with our process, creates a personalized experience while never compromising quality.

Our clients aren’t industry specific: they’re passion specific. They’re everyday people that have a specific skill to share and took a chance on themselves despite what others thought. We love a good story filled with mess and grit, and consider ourselves lucky to be able to share it bravely and boldly with our clients’ communities. We work with fiercely committed CEOs that are ready to increase their visibility but don’t have the time to do it themselves. We help our clients communicate their value and connect with their audience so they can focus on what’s next for their business.

We do what we do because we love it and we believe that God gifted our team with the ability to bring your story to life. Whether we’re being hired for a complete rebrand and website design or earning your trust piece-by-piece, getting to become an extension of your company is the icing on the cake.

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