We LOVE video. The very nature of a video shoot encompasses everything we love about storytelling. We’re a creative agency and production team in one. Our creative team is a part of the process from beginning to end, we shape the concept and put all the finishing touches on your film. We choose the music and the naming of the files – and when appropriate, upload to the web!


When we quote you an amount – that amount is all-inclusive. We immerse ourselves in every detail of the process from beginning to end and we’re constantly pushing ourselves, our equipment and our approach to the edge. The most inspiring stories are often buried within the ordinary moments and it’s our job to bring that to life. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – there’s unmatchable power in visually bringing your story to life.


We encourage clients to send us a brief email about who you are, a few details about your project, and how you see us helping! We respond within 24 hours (M-F) and once we’re connected – we schedule a call (and if you’re local, we love grabbing a cup of coffee!) to discuss the specifics about your project. If we agree that we’re a good fit – from there we will write up a treatment, where we describe how we see the video coming together, what the concept is, and what resources it will take to achieve it.


We’ve learned over the years that we work best with entrepreneurs and companies that have a clear understanding of the WHY behind why they do what they do. There’s usually grit, resilience, and passion about pouring into others lives.  Our clients can be a big or small  part of the process. We’re here to work with you and make it a seamless process.


It’s easy to assume that behind the camera is one guy pressing the record button and another guy holding a microphone. That’s not the case. In fact, it takes a great deal of skill, taste, and labor to do things well. You can rest assured that we achieve high production values on tight budgets to ensure that the right amount of your money will end up on screen, where it’s supposed to be! We operate like a lean startup, and that spirit pervades our work. 

The road to entrepreneurship is one filled with many adventures. It’s hard calling what we do a “job” when we receive so much from the stories we film and the people we get to build friendships with over the years. Here are a few of our favorites lately!