Bravely + Boldly Unveil!

It’s here. The big day! At the end of 2015 I scribbled down my business hopes in a notebook for the coming year and in that list were a rebrand and new site. When the time came to get the process started, I thought I was embarking on a journey of making Oh Yes “look the part” and somehow ended up in an energizing yet deeply thought-provoking place. There are very few things most of us will commit to for six months, myself included. So often throughout my entrepreneur life I’ve wished for insight into the “master plan”. Just a peek at what was waiting for us on the other side of the struggle bus I so often wanted off of. It reminds me of the scripture that says Gods word is a lamp upon my feet and a light on my path. Had we seen the whole plan almost four years ago – perhaps we would have never started.

The irony of it all is that THIS process is exactly what we do for others, yet when it came to MY BABY, it felt a bit paralyzing to make decisions. Talk about client-appreciation for willingly laying it all out for us. If you relate to this feeling of paralysis, can I encourage you to get a fresh perspective from a trusted friend who has walked this road before? I did just that and left feeling unstuck after months of agonizing from the weight of it all. I was ready to make decisions, damnit! My search for the right branding and web designers for Oh Yes were on high-alert in early 2016. I knew Oh Yes needed a team that was ready to break rules, get messy with color, and translate our deep rooted core beliefs in a visual way. Without a shadow of a doubt, Illiah from C+V and Katell from Reverie Lane Designs were our perfect match. I can’t say enough about these ladies.


The Oh Yes team of directors, videographers, production assistants, editors, writers, makeup artists, and friends came together in early October for a day of filming in Alexandria, VA to capture what this new season for Oh Yes signifies. Our heart and the legacy we’re building along the way came into sharp focus that day.

Owning a business is truly a gift and a unique opportunity to live outside of ourselves and for the benefit of others. During the branding process I wondered if there was a layer missing to Oh Yes because it kept coming back to the people. Once you got me going on the why, I found myself talking faster, with more hand motions, and leaning a little further across the table every time. Poor Illiah. I’m sure we both would have benefitted from post-meeting naps after those sessions.

We love video. We love marketing. We love storytelling. But we love the people behind all of that the most. Their stories, their struggles, their perseverance, their friendship.

We’re here for one reason and one reason alone: to share your stories bravely + boldly.

There aren’t enough words and ways to show our appreciation to all those who have been a part of this process. It’s with deep gratitude, humility, and most of all, excitement that we introduce to you Oh Yes. We’re thrilled to have this space to connect with you and to give you a peek into our clients, our families, and our work. 


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