I’m Kathy! It won’t take you long to discover my love for my two boys, Air Force hubby, and my heart for Jesus! When I’m not buzzing around town, I’m usually at the gym lifting heavy things. This entrepreneur journey has been something special. I have yet to hear someones story that hasn’t inspired me in someway. It’s the reason why I dodge small talk. I know first hand what the power of encouragement and sharing your story can do and it’s why I always push my clients to be bold with theirs.

  • John and I met dancing at a salsa bar in Washington D.C. in 2011. He hit on my girlfriend and I danced with his buddy. After the first song we ended up together and a week later I cancelled the date he planned and took him to a football game instead. He’s been following me around ever since.
  • I keep Costco sized jars of red pepper flakes + peanut butter at home at all times. It started as a pregnancy craving and is a habit I haven’t kicked.
  • I’m obsessed with Billy Joel. It’s something my dad and I used to bond over. I’ve been to six of his concerts up and down the east coast.
  • The sound of styrofoam makes my skin crawl. I used to bartend in college and would pay people to box my guests leftover food so I wouldn’t have to touch it. #prayforme
  • Despite being a brunette – I strongly feel that my inner spirit animal is a redhead.

In 2012, I found myself excelling as a Communications Director at a government contracting firm yet feeling miserable in my day to day. In an effort to feed my creative spirit and deep love of writing, I started a blog (Oh Yes, She Blogs!) and as fate would have it, I was out of a job a few months later when the contract didn’t renew. I now see how much of a blessing that closed chapter became.


After a few weeks of laying low (read: avoiding adulthood) and beginning the job search, one day in passing, my husband nonchalantly encouraged me to start my own business. In the moment it sounded ridiculous and all I could see were the reasons why I COULDN’T do it, but all it took was for that seed to be planted for the wheels to start turning. It’s such a testament to the power of someone believing in and for you before you believe in yourself.


In reality though, the story of Oh Yes was written long before it ever came to be. My father was a producer, an anchor, a dreamer, an encourager, and a business owner as well. He’s my inspiration and reminds me daily of the importance of the legacy we leave behind. Sadly, we lost him in 2010 to pancreatic cancer. His spirit lives on in the work we do through Oh Yes.


After a few years in business, there are a few things we know: every person and business has an important story to tell. In fact, we truly believe that others lives depend on hearing your story. There are very few things in life as powerful as finding your place. Our clients aren’t industry specific; they’re passion specific. They’re everyday people that knew they had a gift to share and took a chance on themselves despite what others thought. We love a good story filled with mess and grit, and consider ourselves lucky to be able to share it bravely and boldly with our clients audiences, clients, and community.


All that being said, we do what we do because we believe that God gifted our team with the ability to bring others stories to life. Getting to become an extension of our clients companies is just icing on the cake.

Every person and business has an important story to tell. In fact, we truly believe that others lives depend on hearing YOUR story.

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10