What’s a marketing retainer and how do I know if my business is ready?

An effective marketing plan starts with clarity, is based on strategy, and succeeds when executed through a streamlined process. Believe it or not, all these things are possible, even when your day-to-day work pace feels more like a sprint than a walk. 

At the risk of getting on our soapbox about this, we believe that small businesses are the backbone of our society and are uniquely positioned to provide solutions to their ideal customers. But what happens when you don’t have the time, bandwidth (or the desire) to stay up-to-date with all the marketing trends out there, let alone knowing where and how to start? 

That’s where our marketing retainers come into play. 

Our monthly management retainers address the pain point most small businesses experience – one, sometimes none, marketing positions on staff. We take what so quickly can become a cluttered and all-consuming process, and assemble a custom-team tailored to your custom-needs to accomplish your marketing goals, all at a flat monthly fee.

That’s right, no gimmicks or confusion – just a marketing team that becomes an extension of your business, while focusing on elevating your brand through clarity-driven plans that produce results. 

Our clients don’t need more YES people – they want experts to partner with to reach their goals.

All that sounds great, but you’re probably wondering what this looks like in application? We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our marketing retainers below. Let’s get started!

Marketing Retainer FAQs

Our marketing retainers are an ongoing and consistent month-to-month relationship between your team and ours! Based on your discovery call, we assemble a custom-team with services and scope that match your needs and the season of business you’re in. These retainers fill your current strategic and creative gaps, all at a flat monthly fee. 

It’s cheesy, but it’s true: we’re better together! Once your custom-team has been assembled, we partner with a point of contact on your team for day-to-day needs. We also connect regularly over a marketing call at a predetermined interval (that gets scheduled on both of our calendars) to make sure we’re up-to-date and touching base on all the moving pieces. The best results happen when business owners are engaged and collaborative! Being able to delegate projects to professionals, while having streamlined conversations with one point of contact, is the cherry on top!

Oouf, where do we start? For one, it’s one team with many positions. Aside from ease in communication and workflow, you have access to marketing professionals ranging from graphic designers, copywriters, videographers, photographers, social media managers and more – all within your team! Next, our marketing team takes over the day-to-day management of marketing campaigns and projects, while keeping consistency and cohesiveness across all platforms. Last but not least, your Creative Director keeps the big picture in mind at all times, while being flexible and fluid as your priorities change. Oh, and did we mention retainer clients receive 15% off additional services, priority scheduling, and a creative director on every project? It really is the gift that keeps on giving! 

Once we’ve determined the marketing tier that suits your needs best, and have selected an onboarding date, the next step is all about clarity, clarity, clarity. You’ll hear us shout this from the rooftops (figuratively, not literally) as we firmly believe that marketing that isn’t founded on clarity and strategy – is a giant waste of your time and money. During our discovery call and conversations following that, we get a clear picture of where your brand is at. Before graphics and copy and all the sexy marketing stuff, we make sure your branding and messaging is air tight…because a strong foundation matters. Normally, this is an $8,500+ investment, but retainer clients go through the “Clarity in Your Brand and Message” workshop included in their onboarding process. This is also how we determine your onboarding fee. We know we love knowing what this fee based on!

We’re so glad you asked! Much like internal hires go, the three tiers we offer provide different levels of expertise (Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Manager, and Chief Marketing Officer). Some clients are at the beginning of their marketing journey, in which case, a package like our Marketing Coordinator retainer is a great fit. Other clients are further along and have marketing in place that’s more sophisticated – and for those, we offer the Marketing Manager or Chief Marketing Officer retainer instead. Each package includes a minimum of 3 positions, a predetermined number of calls each month, and varying scopes of work depending on your current needs. Best part of all, it can always be adjusted as your business grows! A minimum of a 6-month commitment is required to be an Oh Yes retainer client. Check out more of the details on the services page of our site.

Have more questions?  Send us a message through our contact us form. Ready to get started? Start by scheduling your discovery call through our booking link! 

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