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Buck Island Partners


Army and Marine Veterans, Michael Hunter and Greg Loyd, founded Buck Island Partners in 2018 in St.Croix.

Buck Island Partners help entrepreneurs who lead micro or small start-up companies, to leverage technology, business processes and strategic planning to help them prepare to grow their business and take their idea/innovation to the next level. They believe in striking a balance between working hard, having fun, and being successful in collaboration with others.

Oh Yes helped Buck Island Partners create a brand and website that that was iconic and elicited a positive response filled with emotional connection and deep significance. Their vision is to help young entrepreneurs redefine success to pursue the lifestyle they want…now.

Services Provided: Branding, Website Design, Photography, Video Editing and Copywriting

Portfolio Example of Buck Islands Website Design

Brand Guide

Buck Island Partners Logo with Tagline

Logo with & W/out The Tagline

Graphic of Buck Island Partner's Logo
Photo of Palm Tree and Sky in St. Croix

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