Elevating Brands to Reach Their Full Potential

Dart Homes


Dart Homes signed on as a “Chief Marketing Officer” retainer in December 2021, receiving full-service marketing that is inclusive of digital marketing, videography, photography, and graphic design. The Dart Homes brand has cycled through various logos over the previous 5-years prior to working with Oh Yes, which signaled a need for the Dart Homes team to go through a true branding and messaging process.

Over the course of the first few months of working together, a brand identity was defined and a messaging playbook was developed that serves as the foundation for all digital and print marketing efforts. As their brand and marketing continues to evolve and reach new heights of sophistication, the Oh Yes team directs all creative efforts from ideation to implementation.

Services Provided: Branding, Messaging, Videography, Photography, Marketing 

Graphic of a Logo with an explanation

Brand Guide & Messaging Playbook

Mock up of brochure pages

Color palette

Agent Spotlight Video

Man on a video set

Videography & Photography

Man at desk talking on his cell phone